Mumbai Lens: St. Andrew’s Church, Bandra

The distinctive Portuguese-style facade of St. Andrew’s Church in Bandra, Mumbai

St. Andrew’s Church

I visited the St. Andrew’s Church on May 27, 2010. When I shared the photographs of my visit to the Church with friends, many of them wanted to know when I had visited Portugal. 🙂

Characterised by a very distinctive Portuguese-type façade, the St. Andrew’s Church in Bandra, Mumbai, was built in 1575 by Portuguese Jesuits. It is located in the Reclamation area of Bandra, and is one of the several churches built by the Portuguese in the area.

Mumbai Lens is a photographic series which, as the name suggests, is Mumbai-centric and is an attempt to capture the various moods of the city through my camera lens. You can read more posts from this series here.

14 thoughts on “Mumbai Lens: St. Andrew’s Church, Bandra

  1. Beautiful. I would think it is Spain, with white being the predominant colour.
    Your eye has a perspective as sharp and sensitive as your pen (oops, keyboard!)


  2. Thanks, Deepa. When I first saw the St. Andrew’s Church, I did a double take. Was I in Mumbai? And having just come from a visit to the Bandra Fort, which transported me to Goa, this was too much.
    Have you seen this church?


  3. I am Robert Brain and I live in Melbourne, Australia.
    My great grandfather was married in this church in 1853 to a local lady Isabella Jennings. His name Andrew Munro, born in Scotland in 1826 and serving in the British Army in India.
    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to trace any ancesyors of eithe Andrew or Isabella.
    Bob Brain


  4. Hello
    My name is Robert Brain and I live in Melbourne, Australia.
    My Great Grandfather, Alexander Andrew MUNRO married Isabella JENNINGS in St Andrew’s Church in April 1853.
    I would very much appreciate, if someone can send to my e-mail address a copy of the Marriage Certificate.
    Those Great Grandparents immigrated to Australia in 1869.
    Robert (Bob) Brain


  5. I love this church! 🙂 If you can, take a walk there in the evening. The church is brightly lit up from the ground and the brilliant white walls seem to glow against the backdrop of night. Also if you wander around the churchyard it’s really peaceful, and especially nice at the full moon


    1. I love this church too and went there recently as part of a walking tou of Bandra. And what did I see in one corner of the graveyard – a huge stone cross with the Passions of Christ carved on it. Apparently, this cross is around 500 years old !

      And thanks for the suggestion of visiting the church on a full moon. But i’ll have to wait for the monsoons to get over.


  6. Hello, I love your photo of St. Andrew’s Church in Bandra, Mumbai, I am wondering if you would mind if I downloaded and made a copy of it for my family history? One day I hope to get to India but until then I enjoy looking at photos such as the ones you have taken. Thanks for sharubg


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