A little bit of That and a little bit of This…

This section is literally, as the name suggests, a little bit of that and a little bit of this. Posts that I have loved to write and share with you, but not enough of them under to justify a listing on a separate page. So, here they are:


These are tricky stuff. They always sneak up on me and I never realise I have one till it is staring in my face. Do read any of the posts listed here (I would love it if you can read all of them 🙂 ) to have a look at my digital (eg. doors, cars, roses) and actual (eg. books) collections.

Documentary Films

Films are not my first choice for entertainment. But when I do watch them, I prefer Documentary Films. For me, a documentary film is the equivalent of watching a book come alive on screen in the best possible way. 🙂


Sometimes I can write funny. Or so I think. You tell me if you found these posts humourous or not. 😛

Festivals and Holidays

Okay. Let us be clear about one thing here — I don’t like festivals or rather the commercial and token events they have become these days. My reaction to festivals, especially Diwali, is almost Scrooge-ish and I am unapologetic about it. Anyone who feels otherwise or thinks that festivals are for sharing and caring and family and all that sappy stuff can stop reading right now and move on to another page/section in this blog.


Does this sub-category really need to be elaborated?


Just what are Photostories, you may ask. A sequence of photographs that narrate a story, either real or imaginary. That is a Photostory. Simple. 😉

Product Reviews

No explanation or elaboration needed here.

Social Issues

Honestly? I would like to write more under this category. But till I do, I think these can be listed on this page.

… and the others

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