One of my bookshelves
One of my bookshelves

No book is really a fixed object. Every reader reads a book differently, and each book works in a different way on each reader.  ~ John Connolly in “The Museum of Literary Souls.”

I was lucky to be surrounded by books growing up and one of my earliest memories revolves around books—my elder brother reading out from his school text books as he did his homework or studied for an exam, while I sat next to him.

The first book I remember reading was Amar Chitra Katha’s “The Pandava Princes”. Actually, my mother read it while I thought I read it. 😀

Books have been my friends, advisors, stress busters and friends in unfamiliar places. Whenever we shifted cities or houses, it was the book cartons that were unpacked first. After a stressful day at work, it is a book that helps me unwind. And books are my travel companions whether it is commuting to work or a long journey by train.

I can read anywhere—standing in a crowded train, in a rattly, wheezy bus, in the midst of a wedding… anywhere, except in a library. For some reason, I cannot read or study in a library as I find the sight of so many books at one place distracting !

Bookshops are my idea of heaven on earth, especially bookshops where the proprietor will walk around the shop with you and recommend a book or two or offer insights into the making of the latest best seller. I love bookshops that can cater to the whims and fancies of the individual buyer, rather than offer a one size fits all experience. I love bookshops where the salesperson does not have to look up the computer to check the availability of a particular book or ask me how the book or the author’s name is spelt.

Yes, I love books in all its shapes and sizes, though not necessarily all genres. I stay away from self-help books, totally dig fiction, crime and suspense, insightful essays, history, humour, travel writing, comics, mythology, culture…

For me, a good book has to be one that is well-written, narrates a great story, is logical (for me at least), and preferably error-free. And most of all, it needs to have something I can take away from it in terms of knowledge or insights.

I have an ambitious aim to write about all the books that I have read and this list is just a beginning. Wish me luck 🙂



Authors, their books and life


Books on Books

Book-related stuff


Children’s Books




Mythology and Mythological Fiction



Short Stories


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11 thoughts on “Books

  1. Hi Sudha,

    I am just into your blog and honestly, I am not able to leave it. It is so well maintained, well written and totally about my likes. Regarding the love for books, ability to read at almost ‘any’ place, finding the library distracting and the choice of books, I will say that I was left smiling widely as it felt as if i was writing my experiences and feelings. I am from Rajasthan, love travelling, reading and your essay on Mehrangarh fort was WOW !!! I will comment there in detail. Couldn’t help writing here, so writing a short comment that I am loving your blog and I’m so glad that I met you through twitter. One more thing, thanks a lot for TSBC. I am thoroughly loving it !!

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