The Sunday Book Club (#TSBC) on Twitter is an initiative to get the Twitter community together at a particular time and day each week to discuss various book-related topics. The aim of the whole exercise, besides having fun, is to find like-minded individuals who share the same passion for books as you do and in the process find out about different books, authors, and genres that the bookworm in you might fancy.

How does #TSBC work?

It really is simple. Honest. 🙂

There are 6 questions. We tweet 1 question relating to that week’s topic every 10 minutes starting at 3 pm IST (Indian Standard Time) every Sunday afternoon. Your tweet response to the question and any subsequent discussion should include the hashtag #TSBC. We recommend that you follow the discussion on Twitter by typing #TSBC in the “search” box. The #TSBC hashtag ensures that you can look, follow the discussion and  interact with other participants regardless of whether they are following you or you are following them on Twitter. If you “like” someone’s answer simply “retweet” and/or “favourite” it like you normally would on Twitter.

#TSBC is all about you. We try to make the questions open-ended with multiple answers. To make #TSBC more interactive, we request you to share your blog links related to book reviews with the hashtag #TSBC so that everyone can read interesting write-ups at any time with a simple search using #TSBC. We do, however, request you to avoid self-promotion during the actual #TSBC event that will take place from 15:00-16:00 IST every Sunday. Please, please, please avoid profanity and behave in a civilised manner.

Looking ahead

The purpose of #TSBC is to promote everything to do with books. In case you like #TSBC (and we really hope that you do) and want to support it (and we really hope you will), please feel free to add a banner to your blog about #TSBC or simply talk about it on Twitter. It’s a great way to discover the magic of books and we will try our best to make it an interesting hour for you. You can count on finding about new books, interesting facts, and who knows we even might have competitions and special guests eventually.

We recommend that you follow The Sunday Book Club’s Twitter handle @TSBookClub and also the founders @raghavmodi, @sudhagee and @meetneo. We are also on Facebook and you can show us some love by liking our page. 🙂

For any questions or suggestions, please do comment below. And do spread the word about #TSBC and please make it to the talk.

Thank you and see you on Sundays! 🙂

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35 thoughts on “#TSBC

    1. It will be a lot of fun, Monishikha. So, quick, get on twitter and start tweeting and in no time you will be an expert. BTW, what is your twitter handle ? I couln’t find you.


  1. Good luck with this! But do you think you can change the time and day to a weekday? I usually am on and offline (mostly offline) on weekends and might not be able to participate more.


    1. Thanks, Richa. Your point is valid, Richa but we are all working during the week and as for Raghav and Rahul they work on Sundays as well. Let us kick off #TSBC and wait for more suggestions to come in. While we are not looking to change the day, we will definitely look at changing the time so that it is convenient for most participants.

      But do try and participate, Richa. I’m counting on you.


        1. Welcome to “My Favourite Things”, Corrinne. 🙂 Though, a weekday would be perfect for everyone, it will not be possible to conduct the TSBC from work. I really hope to see you at the TSBC events to come.


  2. Nice concept.. I read and write a lot about books on my blog..
    Ohh.. I missed it.. was it only till 7th November?.. joined on twitter..will follow updates!!
    In fact I have recently started contests with Random house.. would love to share a word about it too among the like minded.. its very difficult to find people really into books…


    1. Welcome to The Sunday Book Club (TSBC), Manjulika. 🙂
      TSBC is conducted every Sunday from 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm on twitter. We have a different topic each week and the topic for TSBC on the 11th is The Ramayana. Do follow @TSBookClub and its founders to get all information. Hope to see you this Sunday at #TSBC 🙂


  3. Just came across your blog. This is a great initiative. Do you announce the topic/theme in advance? will try to join in this sunday for a little while at least


    1. Hi Deepa, welcome to my blog and to TSBC too. Yes, we do announce the topic a week in advance and this Sunday, that is February 10, 2013, we have Charles Dickens. It is his 201st birthday today and we just had to have him at TSBC. Do follow our Twitter handle (@TSBookClub) and our Facebook page to get regular updates: https://www.facebook.com/TheSundayBookClub

      See you this Sunday at 3 pm 🙂


    1. Welcome here, Bindhu and thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I’m may be 100% biased, but TSBC is very very interesting. I hope that you’ll be able to join us on Sunday afternoons 🙂


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