Adventures in Foodland

As a child, I was quite indifferent to food. But now that I’m all grown up (ahem) I quite enjoy what I eat. I do have food-related tantrums, but they are only reserved for my immediate family (no, I’ve not grown up there 😉 ) But if I’m eating out, I don’t make a fuss at all.

Still, food and I have a complicated relationship. I’m allergic to many of the food items that I like, and don’t like many of food items that I’m not allergic to. So, the result is that there is very little food that I actually like and am also not allergic to. As my niece says in exasperation:

You’re either allergic to food or you don’t like them.

As someone who has known — artificial food colouring, yam, besan, chocolate — and also unknown food allergies, eating out is a challenge and sometimes an adventure, especially when I am travelling. But I’m always careful and keep my anti-allergen handy. Touchwood, I have not fallen ill due to food while travelling.

When I started this blog in 2010, writing on food or food-related stuff was never on the plans. But my blog has a mind of its own and I did end up writing two food-related posts on the now defunct The Stolen Coffee Room (I’m still mourning its closure) and BPB’s dessert box surprise. Here’s a very special post on the food and markets of Uzbekistan: The food & markets special.

In February 2015, I was invited to be part of a group of food-loving bloggers to review restaurants and the exciting food scene in the city I live in, Navi Mumbai. It’s was a great beginning and I enjoyed navigating through and learning the intricacies of blogging about food. Listed below are the Restaurant /Food Festival Reviews I have done.

However, I soon realised that food blogging is not really my forte and it is best left to the experts or those passionate about food. So this is one of the pages that is not likely to have regular updates; rather they will be occasional ones

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