That & This

imageThough I write mostly about my travels, books I have read and music that I love, I also write about a lot of other things that interest me. Go on, have a look, er, read 🙂

Adventures in Foodland: Read how someone with food restrictions and allergies manages to travel and eat out.

Art: From the perspective of an untrained, but enthusiastic lover of all things arty-farty.

Blog Contest Entries: Once upon a time, I used to enthusiastically participate in blog contests, and even won a couple of them.

Collections: Not all are collections in the real sense, some are in the digital format as well.

Documentary Films: I love documentary films and try to write about them whenever I can.

Family and Personal: Some family history, some deeply personal posts and lots of nostalgia.

Festivals and Holidays: I am the proverbial Scrooge. You’ve been warned.

Humour: My humble, feeble and sometimes lame attempts at humour.

Just wondering… : Some thinking aloud here.

People: Some special people I have met or known.

Product Reviews: When I get to review products. So far it’s been a tab and a phone.

Social Issues: I am not the type to rave and rant about social issues, but some things I just have to write and share.

This blog: I’ve been around for more than six years now and have quite a lot to say about this journey in the blogging world.

… and Ze others: As the name indicates, everything else — from blog bullying to celebrating World photography day to the perils of being punctual to learning Arabic…its all here. 🙂

I'd love to hear from you.

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