I’m not a trained in any of the fine arts, but I love all of them. Painting, sculpture, mixed media, street art… everything.

What began as a passing interest during my post-graduation days in the early 1990s, has developed into a passion. Today, I see art everywhere around me and beyond the obvious — in a flower arrangement, a clothes line, a shop window, fruit and vegetable display in a market, books in a bookshelf…

As with most things on my blog, I never intended to write about art, but eventually it proved irresistible.

Here’s a listing of all the arty-farty posts I have written till date. For convenience sake, I have arranged then under various headings:)

Art and the Artist

    Mahaveer Swami and his Art

Street Art in Mumbai

Painted Towns of Shekhawati

Stories in Stone

Textile Art


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