A morning at Marina Beach

The Guest Post Series onMy Favourite Thingshas contributions by those sharing my interests in travel, books, music, and on issues that I am passionate about. Though the guest posts are not always by fellow bloggers, the guest authors are always those who have interesting experiences to share.

Today’s guest post is by a fellow blogger, Puru of Shadows Galore, who writes about his travels, photographs, memories and more. I eagerly wait for Puru’s travel posts as he is always visiting and writing about places that I have wanted to visit. My favourites are his posts on Sri Lanka and Angkor Wat. His series on Learning Photography is simple, easy and with instructions that actually work. In this post, Puru presents a photo essay on a morning spent at the Marina Beach in Chennai.

My last few days in Chennai saw me exploring the city and going to places where I had always thought of going but never actually did. So today I went to Marina Beach, the third longest beach in the world and the largest in Asia. Of all the beaches in Chennai, it happens to be the most dynamic and hence the most well known.

So early at 4:30 AM, I woke up and started for the beach with my camera. It was quite dark yet and the horizon had just started turning a few shades lighter. As the sun rose, I took a lot of photographs and I am sharing some of them here for you:

A crow signals the day break

Youngsters far away trying their own photography tricks
A couple lost in the surroundings
Time for some friendly chit chat
No, that's not the blades of the Titanic 😛
Fishing boat in the sea
Fishermen at work
Bapu overlooking the National Emblem
St Thomas Cathedral

Chennai is an unusual city. It’s not dynamic like Mumbai or glittering like Delhi; yet it has a charm of its own. For years, I yearned to go out from this city and now when the time has come to leave, I suddenly realise that I will miss this city very much.


29 thoughts on “A morning at Marina Beach

  1. Superb photographs, especially the first one and the one with the couple.

    I have been to Marina Beach only once. On a hot May afternoon, a friend and i walked from one end to the other. I don’t know why or how we did it, as all I remember is the blinding whiteness of the sun, sand and sea. Even today we call that walk “Madness in Madras”. I now have to go back and see this place again during saner hours. 😀

    Thanks for a fantastic post, Puru.


  2. The Inernet is rippling with mediocre and pedestrian photography. Your images are like a breath of fresh air. I couldn’t pick a favourite out of those. They are all simply magnificient in their framing, exposure and control over the subject.


      1. My visits to Chennai are few and far between-usually to attend a function – and , frankly, I cannot recall any occasion that I would care to remember. My visit to Marina was just as unremarkable. Next time, however, I will get to the beach well before daybreak. May be I will find something that might make me look at Chennai in a different-and softer- light. Thank you for the post.


  3. Stunningly beautiful photographs. I had been to Marina Beach a long time ago, that too in the hot sun. I especially loved the one with the fishermen and the sea- the roll of the sea and the movement of the fishermen can be actually felt.
    Although, I had visited St. Thomas Cathedral, I had forgotten what it looked like. Fantastic picture. Thank you very much for bringing back fond memories.


  4. beautiful pictures makes me want to go there now … been there a long long time ago when i was in class 10th 🙂


  5. Loved the first one the most. The kids prancing on the boat was lovely too. These two were better than the rest and that means all are great 🙂 What a round about way of praising a post, isn’t it? The shots are all so unusual that only someone who loved the city could have captured them so well.

    I have been to Marina a few times when I was young and once a decade ago. But I had been put off by the many statues that somehow took away from the beauty of the beach.


  6. Haven’t been here in decades but I remember when I was younger and lived in Chennai, Marina was my favorite place to go. Although, to be honest, the “bajjis” being sold there were a big part of the attraction 😀


  7. Beautiful pictures Puru! Thanks for sharing Sudha! Very different than the memories of Marina that I have! I always remember having gone to the crowded beach, with the scorching sun up there! But loved it all the same! These photographs show an entirely different, loveable side of Marina! Oh, now you have made remember the neat cut mangoes with the chilly powder!!!


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