A Saturday in town

I love South Mumbai, or town as many of us refer to that part of Mumbai. It is one of my favourite areas of the city and I’m always looking for excuses to head towards that side of the city. Need to buy a book? Want to stock up on dry fruits? Buy a gift? Meet a friend for coffee? No, problem. I just make a trip to town. 🙂

I haven’t been needing an excuse these last couple of months. Every Saturday, I head to town for my PG Diploma in Indian Aesthetics classes. Though they are in the afternoon, I try to combine it with other ‘work’ or explorations in town.

South Mumbai

About a month back, I had a minor fall that left me with a sprained ankle. Nothing serious, but my doctor didn’t want me gallivanting to town in local trains or walking around and straining the ankle, especially since I was due to travel soon. (I leave today. Yay !). That meant that my forays to town had to be restricted to going for class and coming straight back home. It was a depressing thought !

A couple of days later after the fall, I got a mail from Blacklane, a car ride service referring to an earlier email exchange. Sometime in June, Blacklane had reached out offering me a ride anywhere in Mumbai. Since I didn’t need one at that time, I declined and we left it that. The second time around, I didn’t decline, Blacklane offered me their services a couple of Saturdays back.

This is an account, in pictures, of that day in town.

Our first stop was at the Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Mumbai City Museum in Byculla to see the exhibition on “Wonder Weaves of Varanasi“. You can read more about that exhibition here.

Woven Wonders of Varanasi , Make in India, Shaina NC, Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Mubai, Soecial Exhibition, Benarasi Weaves, Handlooms and TextilesThen I headed to the Fort area for lunch from the street-side stalls — Toasted Vegetable Sandwich, Chhaas or buttermilk and some guava spiced with salt and chilli powder. All for a grand sum of Rs.55/-


A short post-prandial walk, where I passed Yazdani bakery with its enticing aromas…

Yazdani Bakery, MumbaiPast this building near PM Road where I saw this very familiar logo high up on its facade. 🙂

HMV, His Master's VoiceThen these two beautiful buildings…

Agiary JN Petit InstituteI took a break from my town explorations in the afternoon for class after which it was back to a little more strolling. This time the path led to a pavement bookstall.

South Mumbai 4 South Mumbai 3

Where I picked up these beauties 😀

imageSoon, it was time to make the 30 km ride back home to Vashi in Navi Mumbai. That Saturday wasn’t an extraordinary day, but it was the ordinariness that made it so special and memorable. It also helped that a sprained ankle didn’t make me forego my usual explorations of town thanks to the ride that Blacklane provided. Yes, it was a lovely, lovely day.

So tell me, what makes an ordinary day special for you?

Disclaimer: The ride provided by Blacklane was complimentary. I did not have to write this post, but because that ride made my day special, I did.

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21 thoughts on “A Saturday in town

  1. So glad you forgot about your ankle pain (didn’t know about it 😦 ) and used the day in the best possible way! 🙂 For me an extraordinary day is special with family having good food or maybe watching a favorite TV show or reading about Italy! 🙂

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  2. A trip through town is one of the most pleasurable activities. I had also made two recent trips. One with my 10 year old son, one with a 21-year-old eager to see the world nephew. They both enjoyed it a lot and want to go again. I liked the way you wove the pictures into the narration. I have lots of images of my visits. I will try this out in a post.

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  3. I always love this part of town and make it a point to visit some place or the other to stare in awe at the wonderful architecture, many statues, bookstalls, restaurants, bakeries that dot the Fort area. Are you doing the course at Jnanapravaha?

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  4. Your photos remind me of my visit to Mumbai last year – i absolutely love the buildings – the Zoroastrian agiary, David Sassoon Library, etc. It was a very short trip to Mumbai and when I left for Aurangabad after 2 nights, I wished I had stayed longer 😦 Hopefully next time I have a chance to return to Mumbai and stay a little longer to further explore this city.


    1. South Mumbai’s architecture is beautiful, isn’t it? I’m always looking fr excuses to head to that part of the city.

      Hope you can visit Mumbai soon. Let me know when you are visiting for I’d love to meet you. 🙂


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