117 doors

During yet another attempt to organise my digital photographs into some sort of a library last weekend, I noticed one thing.

I had lots of photographs of doors. Yes, you read right. Doors. Wooden doors, painted doors, open doors, closed doors, doors in walls, even door exhibits in museums! All in all, I had 117 photographs of doors.

Here are some doors from my collection (obsession?)

Door Exhibits at the British Museum. The one on the right is made of limestone

Old Wooden Doors from Oxford (L) and St. Albans (R). The latter is reportedly 400 years old
Colourful Doors in Hampstead
Cool and classy doors in Hampstead
Doors in walls. Top: Bath, and Bottom: St. Albans
While punting in Cambridge, I came across this door leading straight off from the River Cam. The punter/guide said that in the olden days, the river was the only means of transport and goods were delivered at these doors.

I am trying to understand why I have so many photographs of doors when I don’t even recall clicking most of them in the first place. But one thing is certain—they are all beautiful and mysterious at the same time, particularly the doors in walls and the door leading off from the river.

Do you think I have a fetish for doors?

8 thoughts on “117 doors

  1. I really liked this post, since I have a collection of door pictures myself. What facinates me about door is the fact that a door can tell you so much about a place and its people. And yet a door has this sense of mystery about it. What is beyond it? Who lives in this home? what stories do they have…its full of unanswered questions and fantasies…I like doors and am so glad that there is someone else who feels like me…


    1. I feel the same way about doors too. Particularly doors in walls. I always think there is a garden full of treasures just waiting to be discovered.


    1. Welcome here, Smeedha. Good to see you here. Ah the promise and lure of the unknown. Good to know that there is another person who finds it attarctive 😀


  2. Loved this….was looking forward to see one of the other obscure door in one of the parks that we all had seen in our oxford trip.


  3. I just died and went to heaven looking at these images.. First time in life, I have clicked a lot of doors in Jaiipur, again dont remember why or how, but have enuf of doors pics 😀


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