May the best colour win!

I am totally fascinated by the ongoing 2010 World Cup Football in South Africa. Not the game actually, but the different colours that the various football teams wear.

It is beautiful to watch the two sets of colours darting about on the TV screen creating fluid, swirling patterns. So far I have liked…

The orange of Ivory Coast


The orange of Netherlands


The blue of Italy

The green of Algeria


The yellow of Brazil

In addition to this, are the gorgeous colours worn by the goalkeepers, ranging from red to lavender to a slaty grey. The referees are not far behind with yellow, red and green jerseys. What a welcome change from the traditional black. I’m loving this colourful feast for the eyes.

My mother and I have been watching the matches late into the night, every night—of course for different reasons. She, for sheer enjoyment of the game and to cheer her favourite teams, while I cheer the team whose colours I like.

May the best colour win the 2010 World Cup Football ! 😉

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