Travel Shot: Howrah Station and Bridge

2 December 2000: View of Howrah Bridge from Howrah Station

I reached Howrah Station on a crisp and clear December morning from Mumbai, en route to Bolpur. Since my train for Bolpur did not leave for another 3 hours, I had time to freshen up at the Ladies Waiting Room on the first floor of the Station.

But a balcony in the Waiting Room beckoned first, and here I had my first glimpse of the famous Howrah Bridge. It loomed in the background, and yet I felt I could reach out and touch it. Silvery and pulsating with life, the bridge contrasted so beautifully with the red of the Howrah Station and the bright yellow of the Ambassador taxis parked outside.

I spent nearly an hour taking in this beautiful sight, before I remembered why I had come to the Ladies Waiting Room in the first place!