My ‘now’ song: Raske bhare tore nain

Do you ever have a song, an idea, a storyline, or an image stuck in your head? And it just refuses to go away? For some time at least. I have this with music—it could be a song, an instrumental piece, a jingle, etc. This becomes my ‘now’ song, and the ‘nowness’ (pardon my English here) could be for any length of time.

My now song is “Raske Bhare Tore Nain”, a thumri in Raga Bhairavi.

I first heard Heera Devi Mishra’s version of the song from the film Gaman, as an 8- or 9-year-old, when my brother got home an audio recording of Gaman’s songs. I didn’t think much of this song then, as the other songs (Seene main Jalan by Suresh Wadkar and Ajeeb sa Neha by Hariharan) were more appealing. As I grew older, it was “Raske bhare tore nain’s” sensuous music and lyrics and Heera Devi’s earthy voice that captured my imagination like no other. So much so, that I learnt this song from the audio tape and it remains in my repertoire of songs that I dare to sing in public ! Needless to say, it remains one of my all time favourite songs.

For a long time, I thought that only Heera Devi Mishra had sung this song, till quite recently I discovered versions of this song sung by Girija Devi and Bhimsen Joshi. In my opinion, both Girija Devi’s and Bhimsen Joshi’s renditions of this thumri is not as nice as Heera Devi’s.

Yesterday, I stumbled across Barkat Ali Khan’s sublime rendition of this song and I knew then that “Raske bhare tore nain” was my new “now” song. Though Khan’s mellifluous voice and Heera Devi’s earthy tones are in sharp contrast to one another, both their renditions delight in different ways — the former playful and soothing, and the latter sensuous and raw. Barkat Ali’s Khan’s version is given below.

You could take your pick as to which version you liked, or you could enjoy both of them like I did. Do let me know which one you liked. 🙂

20 thoughts on “My ‘now’ song: Raske bhare tore nain

  1. I’m mighty pleased to find a fellow classical music lover 🙂 Very rare to find those! I actually like both the renditions though I’m slightly partial to Barkat Ali Khan’s version. But only because I preferred the emotion presented through his version..


  2. Tough choice here- but my vote would go for Heera Devi. But, did anyone notice a young Dilip Kumar in one of the photos as Barkat Saab’s version was being played?


  3. Hi Sudhagee,
    Have been desparately trying to find the movie ‘Gaman’ in my hometown (Lahore) and on the internet, but with disappointment so far (like so many other classic indian films, such as ‘Marhi da Diva’ . Am captivated and profoundly moved by the beauty of the Indian Subcontinental music, be it classic, light classic or what is termed as film music. ‘Ras ke bhare toray nain’ by Hira Devi (‘HD’) Mishra is something other-worldly; Khan saheb’s rendition is obviously a different flavor, and, in my uneducated view, the two renditions are not worthy of comparison, both being of disparate vocal characteristics and distinctive musical attributes. Could never end up listening to HD’s version without teary eyes (reminds me of the pangs of some unrequited love – ‘ishq-e-lahaasil’).
    Unfortunately, the audio quality of HD’s uploaded on the net is miserably low; can you, or anybody else reading this post, upload a better sound file, please? And a request to all and sundry: anyone in possession of Gaman the movie, please contact me through email and let me know if it can be shared in any way. I’ll remain eternally indebted 🙂


    1. Welcome to my blog, Ahsan, and thank you for stopping by and commenting. I agree that the two versions of Raske Bhare Tore Nain cannot be compared as they are very different. And yet, because of preference for one style of music, a listener will automatically gravitate towards one of them or none ot all. Regarding your request for Gaman movie, I’ll be writing to you separately about that. 🙂


  4. Hi Sudhagee,

    Loved your post. I listened to HD’s version and I am quite smitten by it. This composition has been remixed by MIDIval PunditZ in the movie Monsoon Weidding ( I knew that there has to be original somewhere and that is how I came across this HD’s version. It is on my repeat mode now 🙂 In fact I love all Gaman’s songs. They are superb. I like this one too ( I have also been trying to find this movie online or otherwise but without much success. If you have any information on how I can see this movie, I will be really thankful to you 🙂



    1. Can you believe it when I say that I have not seen this movie even once? Save a few clippings here and there, Gaman the movie has eluded me. I am trying my best to get a copy of the film and if I do, I will let know.

      Thank you very much for stopping by and commenting. And I hope that you will keep visiting.


  5. hey!!loved this you even I appreciated gaman’s other songs ..infact i hadn’t heard it before loved it though..khan saheb’s song can’t be heard anymore.lemme search it else where..
    thanks and keep posting classical songs like this


  6. I am listening to another version of this song by Channulal Mishra..actually i googled to find yr page..thanks for the two versions u have posted..they are awesome!


    1. Welcome here, Anil. Good to know another person who likes this timeless classic. I just listened to Channulal Mishra’s version and liked that one too.


    1. Welcome here Sraj, and thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. For me this is one of the most romantic songs ever and while I like listening to this at all times, it’s appeal is something else in the rains. 🙂


  7. Both the renditions are beautiful and unique in their own way. Music has its charm and it appeals and attracts in its variety too. However, I’d like to ask you if there are other songs or ragas that Heradevi has sung and how can they be accessed? I have not been able to find anything about her on Google nor any information about her singing. Besides her Gaman songs there are just one or two songs that I was able to find.


  8. I just googled to see if anyone else liked this song enough to write a blog about. Wow! I went through the exact same experience as yours. Starting with Gaman and then listening to the one’s by Girja Devi and Bhimsen Joshi (same thought as yours) and then discovering Barkat Ali much later which I liked. I did some research on Hira Devi and didn’t find any known recordings other than this one Mora sayian mose bulawe (a nice thumri that nitin sawhney recreated on MtV). Wonder if she sang more..I love her voice. BTW needless to see Gaman is a classic and got to give it to your brother for having this taste early on 🙂


    1. Welcome here, Ambika. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I’m glad that a song like “Raske Bhare Tore Nain” led you here. 🙂

      I have only heard Raske Bhare Tore Nain from Hira Devi (who for a long time I thought was Leela Devi!). Thanks for the reco of the other song. Heading over to listen to it.

      Hope you’ll keep visiting. 🙂


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