Mumbai Lens: Two buildings or one?

It was a warm Saturday afternoon in February, and I was spending the day wandering about in the Churchgate-Fort-Kala Ghoda area in south Mumbai and photographing anything that caught my fancy. After a nice lunch at the Tea Centre in Churchgate, I decided to cross the Oval Maidan from the Churchgate side to the University of Mumbai side.

As I walked along Oval Maidan, the iconic Rajabhai Tower and Bombay Stock Exchange Building stood tall with their contrasting architectural styles. Once I entered the Oval Maidan it was the cricket matches being played that caught my attention. It was only after a while that I looked up and saw this.

The Rajabhai Tower (left) and the Bombay Stock Exchange Building (right) appear to be fused together from this perspective!

Because of the perspective, the two buildings not only looked as if they were next to one another, but as if they were fused. In reality the two buildings are nearly a kilometre apart, if not more. But this was a fun moment that I just had to photograph. 🙂

Mumbai Lens is a photographic series which, as the name suggests, is Mumbai-centric and is an attempt to capture the various moods of the city through my camera lens. You can read more posts from this series here.

29 thoughts on “Mumbai Lens: Two buildings or one?

    1. Thanks, Deboshree. I don’t think I would have noticed this angle if it hadn’t been for two very noisy crows who were fighting for a food scrap mid air and I lifted my camera to photograph them and instead saw this ! 😀


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