Travel Shot: Heritage Kennel

27 June 2009: Dido's Kennel

It is no secret that the British are very particular and serious about their heritage structures, which are graded according to their importance. During my year-long stay in London and travels in England, I lost count of the number of heritage structures I saw and visited. In fact, I even lived in one !

But even this did not prepare me for seeing a kennel which has been accorded a heritage. Reportedly the only Grade 1 heritage structure of a kennel in the world, it used to house a St. Bernard, named Dido ! The kennel is taller than me (I’m 5’4″) and looked quite roomy, though I did not test it out. 🙂

The heritage kennel is on the grounds of Ightam Mote, another heritage structure, dating back to about 700 years, in the Kent region of England.

17 thoughts on “Travel Shot: Heritage Kennel

    1. I agree completely. The reverence and pride that the Brits have for their heritage and history, however unpalatable, has to be seen to be believed. I wish that we had inhereited this from them instead of the bureaucracy that we have been saddled with.

      Welcome to my blog, and thank you for stopping by and commenting. Do keep visiting.


  1. I think a modern structure in England will be a century old 🙂
    But it is sad that many of forts, palaces are in ruins in India and in rest of the world they cherish their heritage.


    1. I completely agree with you. In fact, one of my teacher’s in London was complaining about how her 150 year old house had to be repaired. When I told her that of course it would need repairs considering its age, she looked at me like I had made an insensitive remark ! She told me rather coldly that her house was “quite new” comapred to many others.

      And here in Mumbai 25 year old buildings are being torn down for redevelopment !


    1. Yes, lucky pet indeed. The funny thing was I was the only tourist there who went completely gaga over the heritage structure. Most of the other (Western) tourists did not even give the kennel a second glance.


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