Mumbai Lens: Bougainvillea and love poetry

One may have seen love between two people, experienced love, given love, received it in turn, etc.. But have you heard love? Sorry for the rather corny question, but this is what I experienced when I visited the Phirozeshah Mehta Gardens, a.k.a. known as the Hanging Gardens of Mumbai. I arrived there a little after 2 one afternoon to find the gardens blessedly quiet and fairly empty except for some people sleeping off their lunch or reading something. As I was walking along one of the pathways, I heard someone reciting Marathi poetry. Marathi love poetry to be precise.

Bougainvillea and love poetry 🙂

Intrigued, I looked around for the source and saw this man seated under the shade of a bougainvillea tree (?). He was reading out from a book to a someone, who was hidden from my view. The whole cocktail of the hot pink of the bougainvillea, the earthy red of the soil, a soporific afternoon breeze, and the beautiful verses was quite heady. And that’s how I heard love that day.

It was so romantic. 🙂

Mumbai Lens is a photographic series which, as the name suggests, is Mumbai-centric and is an attempt to capture the various moods of the city through my camera lens. You can read more posts from this series here.

10 thoughts on “Mumbai Lens: Bougainvillea and love poetry

    1. Not violent pink, Deboshree. Take your pick of either hot pink or romantic pink. Where is your sense of romance? 😛 Next time you are in Mumbai, do visi this place, preferably with th love of your life.


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