Travel Shot: Leonbergers in London

I loved travelling by the tube in London as not only did it get me from point A to point B at the shortest possible time, I always delighted in seeing something new or unusual. It was not unusual to see people travelling with their pets, but one day I met two Leonbergers on my way to the university.

20 May 2009: Leonbergers in the London tube

Like most  big dogs, they were extremely friendly and only wanted to climb on to my lap ! The only problem was that they were big, really, really big. I spent a happy 20 minutes admiring them and photographing them till my stop came.

Bliss 🙂

10 thoughts on “Travel Shot: Leonbergers in London

    1. I only posted one, Zephyr. One of the Leonbergers was too lazy and refused to get up from the floor, while the other one was friskier and wanted to explore my camera, which is why I had to keep standing.

      BTW, who’s Joey?


    1. I used to be too, till a friend’s dog, a doberman no less, made me change my mind. Her name was Chocolate and she was quite a lady. She picked out my fear and would always insist on lying on my feet whenever I visited this friend’s house. Once I spent the night at this friend’s house to and woke up in the morning to find Chocalate snuggled up next to me ! From that day onwards, I lost my fear of dogs, though I still keep a wary distance till I am sure of thei temperament.


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