Museum Treasure: The blue fireplace from Turkey

The Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum in London is a favourite of mine. I love their collections, but more than that I love the fact that they allow visitors to photograph their treasures. One of my favourite exhibits from there is a ceramic fireplace from Turkey.

The ceramic fireplace from Turkey dated 1731 from the V&A, London

This gorgeous piece in blue, white and turquoise coloured tiles is from the Iznik area in Turkey which is known for creating such masterpieces. The design is quite a complex one with some of the tiles moulded to be able to fit the curve of the fireplace. Located in the Islāmic Middle East section of the V&A, the fireplace manges to stand out among other equally stunning exhibits. You can read more about the fireplace here.

I rarely covet stuff, but this is one thing I would love to have at my place, even though a fireplace is impractical, not to mention foolish, in coastal and tropical Mumbai. 🙂

The Museum Treasure Series is all about artifacts found in museums with an interesting history and story attached to them. You can read more from this series here.

16 thoughts on “Museum Treasure: The blue fireplace from Turkey

    1. Thanks, Seema. I think the photograph actually dulls the colours. The turquoise in particicular was absolutely brilliant. For a while I actually thought that real turquoise stones had been used 🙂


  1. That truly looks gorgeous. Tell you what, I will take care of it for you at my place. Delhi is cold, you know. So what if I have to throw out other things to accommodate it in the tiny space I have? 😀


    1. That’s so kind of you, Zephyr. A thing of beauty is a joy forever, so I’m sure you can chuck out a few things at your place to accomodate the fireplace. But first let me figure a way of getting the fireplace from the V&A 😀


  2. What kind of love
    inspired this
    adornment for a fire?
    What flavor of
    worship is this
    that inculcates desire?
    What kind of time
    and labor
    would strive to
    a symbol of
    that doesn’t seek
    to gather
    anything for itself
    but only gives the best
    its loving heart has to offer?
    Salutations to the
    and to the hands that wrought
    a thing of beauty
    ensconced in a hue
    that while reflecting
    its own beauty
    drives away the blues..?


    1. Blue driving away the blues on a cold winter’s day? What a lovely way to put it in verse! But I think if I had something like this in my place, I would never use it, except perhaps as a much-needed book case 🙂


  3. Ha ha… a fireplace in Mumbai seems like a funny idea indeed. 😀 I could do one in Delhi though.
    Coming to the point, this is indeed a beautiful piece… truly living up to the reputation of blue being symbolic of tranquility.


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