The roses at Regent’s Park

Work-wise, mid-March to mid-May is a little crazy for me—my department works on all days without a break during this period. Though my colleagues and I (and our families) are used to the punishing work schedule, it does get a little stressful at times. And that’s the cue to take a break, even if it is for a short while. We have our different ways of de-stressing. I do it by taking a little walk, talking to a friend on the phone, reading something funny, going through my digital photograph collection …

Earlier today, when work and deadlines loomed and threatened to overwhelm me, I decided to take a break by taking a walk. A virtual walk. A virtual walk in Regent’s Park, London—one of my favourite places in the world. Regent’s Park is one of the Royal Parks in London and has over 100 acres for outdoor sports activities. Located in Central London, the Regent’s Park is over 400 acres in size and includes the world-famous Queen Mary’s Gardens. The official website claims that the Gardens have 400 varieties of roses, as well as a collection of delphiniums and begonias.

During my year in London (2008-2009), it was a place that I walked in, relaxed in, picnicked in … It was a place that gave me refuge when studies or homesickness overwhelmed me. It was, in many ways, my own personal space in spite of being a public park, something that wasn’t too difficult considering I lived opposite the Park ! I have such a connection with the Park, that even thousands of miles away in Mumbai, it is not too difficult to do a virtual walk whenever I feel like, especially when I have photographs of Regent’s Park. One of my favourite sets of photos is of of the roses at the Queen Mary’s Gardens 🙂

Bernard Kevin Clive is credited with the well-known saying:

Today, just take time to smell the roses, enjoy those little things about your life, your family, spouse, friends, job. Forget about the thorns—the pains and problems they cause you—and enjoy life.

I took the time to smell the roses today and have come back feeling refreshed and happy and relaxed. 😀

How about you?

32 thoughts on “The roses at Regent’s Park

  1. Well first of all , I did not know you were in uk , so stupid of me Now i know .. would love to catch up some time ..

    the flowers are beautiful .. this is what i do too.. I go for long walks or a run .. sweat it out as they say and it works a chamr ..

    All the best and I hope the busy time gets over fast ..

    take care


    1. Well, Bikram, I am not in the UK now. I was there in 2008-2009. And this is a post based from photographs taken at that time. But yes I would definitely love to catch up with you on my favourite places there. After Mumbai, London is my next favourite place. 🙂 And thanks for your wishes too !


  2. That walk lined with the benches is a perfect picture postcard.I could give my right arm to sit on one of those benches! I loved the expanse of roses too.You do deserve those reinvigorating walks to the Regent Park.


    1. Regent’s Park is picture perfect in every sense and this is all the most difficult to comprehend as it is located in the heart of London. And what’s more, nobody plucks the flowers ! I do hope that you get a chance to visit this beautiful place, without giving up your arm 🙂


  3. Thanks for the lovely walk again. The roses are breathtakingly beautiful, fragrance invigorating and refreshing. wish we had such well maintained gardens here.


    1. I echo those wishes. Do you know one reason why we don’t have such well-maintained gardens? It’s because we don’t allow the flowers to bloom and always want to pluck them off ! 😦


  4. Glorious, spectacular, awe-inspiring. Give me more adjectives, won’t you? 🙂 Is this for real? I would love to be one with these roses and sit for long hours where they are. I will make sure I have all the time to stop and smell the blossoms. Beautiful..! 😀


    1. You are better with adjectives than I am, Debo. 🙂 And yes the roses are for real. According to the gardener, when the roses are in full bloom they number around 30-40,000. Now try and imagine so many roses at one time. And more importantly, nobody plucking them. That’s what is most beautiful about it, don’t you think so?


  5. I just did what you did, taking a break, through your eyes…what lovely and colorful roses….they really are refreshing….thanks so much for this much needed break! Enjoyed it.


    1. So which Yash Chopra movie did you think you were in? And which song were you singing? Tell, tell 🙂 I was at the University of Westminster in London.

      Delighted to see you here, Indian Sce-Up, and thank for stopping by and commenting. Hope that you will keep visiting.


  6. As cliched as it sounds, roses are my favorite flowers. Particularly English roses. There is a variety that reminds me of the fragrance of Yardley English roses talcum powder. I found one plant here, by sheer chance and it occupies pride of place in my yard and in the summer, its fragrance pervades my entire cul de sac making me the envy of my neighbors 😀

    Do you know what the pictures remind me of? In Indu Sundaresan’s book, the 20th wife, Noor Jahan has her husband lay out a carpet of rose petals for her from his prized rose garden in an attempt to prove she’s his all powerful queen. I am thinking those rose gardens must have looked something like the pictures above.

    Lovely, lovely post


    1. Roses are not my favourite flowers. But a rose garden is my favourite garden. Go figure. And as for the English rose, I thought it was a myth, till I actually experienced the sights and smells. Did you see the light pink roses (photo 5 and 7) in the post? The fragrance was just heavenly and is something that is imprinted into my nose, and not just my brain ! Is that the the type of rose plant that you have in your garden? No wonder your neighbours are envious 😀

      I have to read Indu Sundaresan’s books now. You have quoted her in another comment and I am now totally intrigued !


      1. The pink ones are exactly the ones I am talking about. The fragrance is heavenly and it is what Yardley uses for its talcum powder.

        You should most definitely read Indu Sundaresan, she does great historical fiction. You’ll like her. 🙂


        1. I also think these light pink roses are called panneer roja in Tamil. And yes, I will definitely read Indu Sudaresan. After all, she comes highly recommended 🙂


  7. I am yet to see Regent’s Park, but the pics reminded me of the Rose Garden in Chandigarh where I used to go for my morning walk. But the fragrance was missing. We have beautiful roses there, but only a few have fragrance. But Vidya has roses in their garden and she says they smell divine. Waiting to experience that 🙂


  8. these are some amazing photographs! the first one looks like a wallpaper!!

    loved this post. you usually write about books and museum which i don’t understand a thing but i pretend that i do and say – yup, i understand that museum thing 😎

    thought i ll read a few blogs coz no one is reading my post 😦 . will come back later and read some more.


    1. Thank you Debjyoti. In case you would like to use that photo as a wallpaper on your computer, I can send you the high resolution photo 😀

      Glad there is something that appeals to you in my blog, without having to pretend that you understand 😉 And do come back and read some more. I have to sign off now, as I have to go and read some of yours.


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