Mumbai Lens: The two bus stops

Deonar Bus Depot is a major bus stop in Mumbai on a route that links Navi Mumbai to Mumbai via Chembur. A few important bus routes originate from this stop and many other routes pass through the bus stop. At last count, 19 bus routes have this as a bus stop. And considering the number of bus routes that plying by Deonar Bus Stop, it is a fairly crowded one, especially during office hours. So, one would expect that being a major one, Deonar bus stop would have some seating space and shelter.

Wrong. This is what the bus stop looks like:

Mumbai, Bus Stop
The wait for a bus. Oh for a bus ! This photo was taken around noon

And then there is this bus stop on Marine Drive in South Mumbai. This bus stop services just two bus routes and I have rarely seen it crowded.

Photo: Nita Jatar Kulkarni. Please click on the photo to go to the original page.
Photo: Nita Jatar Kulkarni. Please click on the photo to go to the original page.

Both the bus stops are constructed and maintained by the cash-strapped and corruption-ridden Transport Division of BEST. That still doesn’t explain why two bus stops in the same city maintained by the same organisation have to be so different and get such differential treatment.

Why? Oh why?

Mumbai Lens is a photographic series which, as the name suggests, is Mumbai-centric and is an attempt to capture the various moods of the city through my camera lens. You can read more posts from this series here.

22 thoughts on “Mumbai Lens: The two bus stops

    1. People using bus services in Mumbai have no choice but to wait for the buses to arrive. And the point I’m trying to make is whether Marine Drive or Deonar or any other place, bus shelters are a necessity and not a thing of beauty.


  1. Its unfortunately sad but true that bus stops are provided where they are least needed, and none provided where they are. The main reason is obviously the location – marine drive gets the flashy, comfy one because of its importance,not because of the usage, while deonar is hardly on the radar … But it also has to do with the space available …. Which brins us to the condition of the road… Which is yet anther story of neglect and indifference. U should see the cheddanagar one. Its reasonably good,but because of all the work on the road, they keep shifting it.. As of now, no buses stop at the well constructed one because it stands right next to the new bridge being built… Wonder when they will shift it. These days its a common sight to see ppl wait the and look aghast when the bus zooms past… That’s us rare travelers of course. The regulars stand on the road, just like at deonar 🙂


    1. The politics of bus stops is quite baffling, Anu. A one kilometre stretch in Vashi has 3 bus stops, when actually one would do.

      Bus shelters are a must, regardless of where they are located and the condition of the road. While I can understand that the design of the shelter could change depending on the aesthetics of the area, not having a covered bus shelter is just not acceptable. Considering the vagaries of the weather in Mumbai, covered bus shelters are necessary.

      As for bus stops shifting due to road work, there should be signs pointing to the new temporary, bus stop/shelter. Public transport is not just about providing bus services from point A to point B, it is also about providing decent bus stops/shelters/stations.


    1. Yeah ! That it is. The sad part is I have hardly seen people taking a bus from the stop at Marine Drive. It is more a place for people strolling or walking on the promenade to sit at the stop and take a break !


      1. Hi Sudhagee !

        I have been a regular reader of your blog actually. For atleast 2 years 🙂 though I had never commented before….

        Always enjoy your observations…


  2. Probably just because S Mumbai is an important location visited by Foreigners and bigger people whereas Deonar is away from the prime location.. Isn’t this a fairly common thing??


    1. South Bombay is an important location. But are bus stops a thing of beauty or a functional part of public transport? Shouldn’t usage determine the nature, size and type of bus shelter rather than just location?

      Yes, this is common. But that doesn’t make it right !


  3. This is the story of the haves and have nots. The haves need everything, even if they scarcely use it, and would keep the have nots away from them. After all, the latter are used to doing with less and sometimes with nothing, aren’t they? So what are they cribbing about? It is the upmarket places that need beautification, not the crowded ones which need the facility 😦


    1. I do not have a problem with some bus stops/shelters being fancier tan others if the purpose is to make them blend in with their immediate environment. But I do have a problem is some places have bus stops and other don’t especially such an important one like Deonar Bus Stop, which is the equivalent of a junction in a railway line.


  4. Very genuine thought and comparison, seen and used both the bus stops and even a similar thought arrived in my mind too.. Its just because its South Mumbai its maintained !! the deonar bus stop is more used even though !


  5. Speaking of bus stops and shelters- the bus stop opp deonar bus depot has no shelter whatsoever. With the freeway, matters have become worse for bus travellers and pedestrians as impatient and arrogant drivers drive right into the midst of the waiting crowd, and you havepeople scurrying for safety and cover.
    So, whether it is the Best or the BMC or the MMRDA or thePWD they are all the same – money they worship


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