Travel Shot: The elevator with the pink seat

The elevator dings its arrival and the doors slide open noiselessly. I step in and look in fascination at the elevator’s interiors.

I am at Hotel Suryagarh, a luxury boutique hotel near Jaisalmer, and am being escorted to my second floor suite by a hotel attendant after completing the usual registration formalities.

“Why don’t you sit down, Ma’am?” the hotel attendant urges me.

This might have been a strange question considering we were in an elevator. But since the elevator had a large, cushioned seat upholstered in a velvet of bright pink, it really wasn’t that strange a question.

Hotel Suryagarh, Boutique Hotel, Luxury, Elevator

I politely decline as I feel a little stupid to sit down for a trip of two floors. But I do notice that the elevator speed is quite slow and discover later that this has been done deliberately to encourage guests to relax and sit down.

And over the over the two days that I spend at the hotel and the numerous trips that I make between my room and wherever I was headed to, I would use the elevator. Get in. Sit down. Relax. Take pictures. Normally, I would have used the stairs, but not this time.

Hotel Suryagarh, Boutique Hotel, Luxury, Elevator

To this day, the luxurious elevator with the pink seat at Hotel Suryagarh remains unique. I have never come across anything like this before, and doubt it I will.

Have you come across unique hotel elevators? Do share.

12 thoughts on “Travel Shot: The elevator with the pink seat

  1. Your blog ‘the elevator with the pink seat’ is interesting! Many years ago I did have a very strange experience with an elevator in Germany – it was an elevator with no door! Quite a scary experience.


    1. Suryagarh is a luxury boutique hotel and they have taken the concept of luxury to all possible places in the hotel – the elevator being one of them. I found it quite funny the first time I saw it, but by the time I left I was using them 🙂


  2. I’d have felt silly sitting on the seat, even if it was pink velvet and the elevator went up 10 floors, unless of course, it was unmanned and empty and I was super tired — or a photographer and travel blogger like you 🙂


    1. No you wouldn’t have felt silly sitting on the seat. Trust me on that. After the first couple of times, you would have walked right in and sat down 🙂


    1. Haha. Its probably better that you did. There are some elevators like what you have mentioned in some of Mumbai’s p;d buildings as well and I prefer to give them a miss as well.


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