Restaurant Review: Just Bing’g’e

I am a lazy foodie, in the sense, that while I’m very happy to try out new types of food and check out new eateries, I am rarely willing to travel for the sake of food. I’m quite content exploring places near my house or office that keep popping up regularly. I make it a point to at least drop in once just to see what a new eatery is like.

Restaurant Review, Just Binge, Just Bing'g'e Vashi, Nuvofoodies, New Love In TownThat’s what should have happened when Just Bing’g’e opened in Vashi. I can’t remember where I heard about /came across Just Bing’g’e, but I decided not to go there, even though it was fairly close to my place.

The reason was not related to the food being served, but to the way “Bing’g’e” was spelt. The extra ‘g’ and the inverted commas around it set my teeth on edge. Consider me old-fashioned or boring (in addition to the aforementioned lazy), but I’ve never been able to understand or appreciate ‘creative’ spellings just because it sounds good or seems different or unique. I generally ignore/avoid places, things and sometimes even people with such creative spellings.

Just Bing’g’e got relegated to that category and would have remained there if not for an invite from Pooja of Nuvofoodies for a bloggers’ roundtable or a tasting at Just Bing’g’e. I did cringe when I saw the extra ‘g’ again, but the warm and personal invite from Pooja won me over, and that’s how ended up I visiting Just Bing’g’e in Vashi one evening last month.

Restaurant Review, Just Binge, Just Bing'g'e Vashi, NuvofoodiesLive music welcomes me at the entrance to Just Bing’g’e, which is painted a pleasant pastel green. The same pastel green theme continues in the interiors. The brightly lit eatery is welcoming as is its pleasant ambiance. Looking at the food displayed behind the glass display counters, I recall the information provided with the mail:

Just Bing’g’e [is] a boutique western eatery and take-away … co-founded by Hardik Patel, Amit Patel and Chef Salil Fadnis, as a true-to-the-tummy venture… The menu at Just Bingge is plush with Salads, Sandwiches, Wraps, Waffles, Pancakes, Brownies and Assorted Snacks. The experienced staff are trained and certified by Chef Salil Fadnis & Chef Aditi Juneja, who are the true torch-bearers of Just Bingge’s quality, taste and difference.

The food looked fresh and there seemed to be a fairly large selection to choose from. Since I had a cold and a cough that evening, I decided to start with some Tulsi and Ginger green tea. It was so good that I had a second round!

I had initially planned to order one or two items and share/taste a couple of items that the others ordered. But Aditi Juneja, who was present that evening, put out a large selection of food items for us to taste. The vegetarians among us had about 10 items to taste, while the non-vegetarians had more items to sample. My review here is based on what I tasted and what I thought about them.

Clicking on any of the photographs below will start a slide show and the details of what I ate and review of each item will appear as captions. Do continue reading the rest of the post after you have finished.

There was a lot to sample and savour that evening. The large portions, the excess cheese and mayonnaise, and the many items served made it bingeing in every sense of the word. By the time I finished, I was feeling stuffed which is not a particularly good feeling to have especially when the food was good.

I wanted to see how the sandwiches would taste with less cheese and mayonnaise before writing this review. So, I went back a couple of times since that day and requested my sandwiches to be made the way I wanted them. I’m happy to say that they tasted just as good and didn’t leave me feeling overtly full. I still found the portions to be large.

Just Bing’g’e is a welcome addition to the café culture in Navi Mumbai, and I recommend it highly. It’s a great place to visit with a small group, but larger groups may find difficulty in finding seating for everyone; our own group of 9 people were fit in rather snugly.

The week has just begun and it is the perfect time to grab a quick bite and maybe relax after work at Just Bing’g’e. What are you waiting for? 🙂

PS: In case you’re wondering about my irritation with the extra ‘g’ in the Bing’g’e, it’s still there. I just pretend that it doesn’t exist. I can binge without the extra ‘g’. 😛

Restaurant Review, Just Binge, Just Bing'g'e Vashi, Nuvofoodies, Goodie Bag
The personalised Goodie Bag from Team Just Bing’g’e

Disclaimer: The meal at Just Bing’ge was complimentary and I was invited by PRestaurants for this. This has, however, this has not influenced the review of the food I ate that day.

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2 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Just Bing’g’e

  1. I follow you on Twitter and dearly wish to be a part of this foodies group….your reviews are great!
    I like my food with as few calories as possible. When I go there I too will request for less cheese. 🙂

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