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Restaurant Review: Masala Table

Last Thursday, as I left home for work, I reminded Amma that I would not be home for dinner as it was a Restaurant Review evening.

“I remember,” Amma said. “Which restaurant are you going to this evening?”

Masala Table at Sanpada.”

“And what kind of food will you be having there?”

“Indian food.”

“Really? I thought you don’t like to eat Indian food in restaurants !”

Amma’s statement is not exactly right. It would be more correct to say that I prefer to eat Indian food at home, and try other cuisines when I eat out. It doesn’t always work though, especially when I’m eating out with colleagues or friends and the cuisine is decided by consensus. In the case of Masala Table, the invitation to review the restaurant decided the cuisine. 🙂

Masala Table, Restaurant Review, Global Culture, Sanpada, Navi Mumbai, Indian CuisineMasala Table is one of the three restaurants of Global Culture, which opened in Navi Mumbai a few months back. [I had visited their 80 Days restaurant in March and had liked it very much.] Besides the 3 restaurants, it also has a bar.

Masala Table offers Indian cuisine through an a-la-carte menu and a buffet as well. The Global Culture website, which claimed to treat food as an art form, had this to say of Masala Table: “Rediscover the good old Indian aromas, Peshawari, Awadhi, Kashmiri, Hyderabadi…”

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Restaurant Review: 80 Days

My visit to 80 Days started off on an amusing note.

It was Restaurant Review evening at 80 Days with other Navi Mumbai Foodies and I had arrived early. It was a lovely evening in March and the sun had not set. There was enough natural light to settle on one of the benches placed outside the restaurant and read a book, while waiting for the other reviewers to arrive.

80 Days, The Global Culture,  Restaurant Review, Sanpapa, Navi Mumbai, Navi Mumbai Foodies, Global CuisineI had barely sat down and pulled out a book, when the mosquitoes decided to join me. That was enough for me to decide to wait inside the restaurant instead. I was warmly welcomed at the entrance and when I said that I was waiting for the rest of my group, I was told that they had already arrived and were waiting for me. And I was led straight to a table where a Kitty Party was in full swing !

The people at the Kitty Party table were as startled as I was and after a few seconds of confusion and amusement, things got sorted out, and I was led to another table. I, however, decided to get started on photographing the restaurant interiors before it filled up with other diners. Continue reading “Restaurant Review: 80 Days”