Travel Shot: The milk can and the gargoyle

During a day trip to the Cotswolds region in England in August 2009, our tour group stopped for some refreshments at The Old Mill in a village called Lower Slaughter. This arrangement at the entrance to the mill-cum-tea room-cum-ice cream shop-cum-souvenir shop caught my eye.

The Milk Can and the Gargoyle. This is what came to my mind instantly on seeing the arrangement.

What do you think the gargoyle’s thinking? Do you think he hates ice-cream and would rather have a barrel of beer there. My imagination then took over and I thought of a pub named “The Milk Can and the Gargoyle”. And then dismissed the thought instantly, even though English pubs have weird and wonderful names (you can read more about it in one of my earlier posts here), they will not go for the word ‘milk’ for the name of a pub. It defeats the entire purpose, don’t you think so?

But, back to my question. What is the gargoyle thinking?

PS: I had the best ice-cream I have ever had in my life here—some creamy, organic, hand churned butter nut ice-cream. If you ever visit this place, do have some on my behalf and do say hiya to the gargoyle for me. 😀