I love 3D films!

Source: Wikipedia

I have not always loved 3D films. In fact, I have always managed to avoid them for 2 main reasons: 

(i) Since I wear spectacles, it is very uncomfortable to wear the 3D glasses.

(ii) The thought of wearing glasses which countless others have worn before me makes me squeamish.

But all this has changed. Thanks to some hand sanitizer for the 3D glasses (my niece’s idea), and Big Cinemas‘ comfortable 3D glasses, I finally watched a film in 3D—Shrek The Final Chapter.

And what a movie! I can barely remember the storyline and not even a single dialogue, but I can remember every single 3D effect, which was enhanced by the really big screen at Imax (in Wadala, Mumbai).

Right from the opening scene with the horses riding towards you till the end with Shrek and Fiona’s kiss—it was one memorable 3D effect after another all the way.

Suddenly, the word ‘perspective’, has an entirely new meaning for me. 🙂