A Pune tradition

Each time I visit Pune, I follow a tradition. It begins with my boarding the 7.00 am Shivneri bus from Vashi highway at Navi Mumbai.

I reach Pune station by 10.00 am. Then I hop into an auto rickshaw and head straight to Kayani Bakery at East Street in the Camp area.

Kayani Bakery

I always enter Kayani with a prayer on my lips, and rightly so, as I have often had to go back empty-handed because their products have been sold out.

I love Kayani’s cakes (sponge cake, mawa cake), biscuits (Shrewsbury, ginger and wine), and bread and make sure to fill up my backpack.

My next stop is Marz-o-Rin on Main Street or M.G. Road, a 5-minute walk from Kayani Bakery.

Marz-o-Rin Bakery

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