An identity crisis !

When I was an undergraduate student in the late eighties (was it really that long ago?), it was de rigueur to have read Linda Goodman’s book on sun signs. If you hadn’t read the book, or worse hadn’t even heard about it (like me), you  were… um… for want of a better word, khallas in the college. You might as well have landed from another world!

I quickly set out to remedy this. Though I never managed to read the full book, I did acquaint myself with the characteristics of my own sun sign, Aries. It was enough to be accepted by my peers. 😉

The Traditional Zodiac Wheel. Source:

I found out that, as an Arian, I was optimistic, accident-prone, impulsive, had leadership abilities, courageous, sometimes combative, pioneering and entrepreneurial, selfish, blah, blah, blah…

Though I could not identify with most of the characteristics, I have convinced myself over the years or had other people convince me, that I had these traits. For instance, when I was appointed as the Head of my department, it was because of some leadership ability that I must have displayed. Wasn’t it? Or take the time when I tore the ligaments in both my knees—first in my left knee and then in my right knee within a gap of 4 months after slipping and falling on the road both times. If that isn’t being accident-prone, then what is?

Till recently, I was quite comfortable with my identity as an Arian. I was born one, and I assumed that I would die an Arian.

Then what changed, you ask.

The stars changed, dear reader, and as a result I am suffering from a crisis of identity. A crisis of Zodiac identity. According to an article in The Times of India Crest Edition of July 31–Aug 6 2010, I am no longer an Arian! The article titled “Stars have Trekked” says that the Babylonians—who were the first to map the 12 Zodiac constellations as we know it and the Sun’s movement from one to the next—missed out on two important facts:

  1. They did not take into account the “principle of precession, which is the change in the earth’s rotational axis in relation to fixed stars”. This means that over the years the position of the earth’s axis, which is important to determine your Zodiac sign, has shifted. And, therefore, your Zodiac sign has changed. Go figure.
  2. They also missed out on the 13th Zodiac constellation—Ophiucus.

The Greeks improvised on the work done by the Babylonians without rectifying the errors, and their work laid the foundation for modern Western astrology as we know it. In a nutshell, Linda Goodman and all other Western astrologers have been wrong all these years.

I now find that I was never an Arian in the first place. Based on the information given in the table below, my Sun sign now is Pisces.

The "Correct" Sun Signs

And suddenly I have a whole new set of characteristics/traits to identify with. I am supposed to be gentle, compassionate, artistic, mystical, highly intuitive, soft-hearted, self-sacrificing, emotionally intense, peace-loving, blah blah, blah…

Help !

4 thoughts on “An identity crisis !

  1. Yiiiikkeeeeeeeeeeeessss!!!! That means I am a Capricorn. This means that I cannot display any of my eccentricites and pass it off with impunity as being a natural part of my Aquarian soul. What do I do with my eccentricities and quirks??? I don’t know if the Zodiacs make us or we make the Zodiacs, no new star with a dumb name like Ophiucus is going to shake my belief in being a true blue Aquarian. And that is that!!!

    PS: I really enjoyed reading this article…


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