Who’s no. 2 ?

What does a newspaper do if it can’t fight for the No. 1 position?

It fights for the No.2 position as illustrated by articles in today’s newspapers of both the DNA and Hindustan Times. Using data from the 2010 Indian Readership Survey (IRS), both broadsheets have claimed that they are the No.2 broadsheet in Mumbai.

The IRS results are awaited every year by advertisers and newspapers alike. The ranking of newspapers is important for both groups as it determines advertising rates and is also an indication of the reach of the particular newspaper. 

In a front page article titled, “In Mumbai, DNA retains No.2 spot” claims, the DNA says that it is

30% ahead of its nearest competition in the broadsheet category, Hindustan Times, with a TR [total readership?] of 11.65 lakhs as opposed to the latter’s 8.95 lakhs, according to the Indian Readership Survey’s third quarter results.

The Mint paper (from the Hindustan Times family) also has a news item on page 5 of today’s paper (“Top Order remains same as HT beats DNA to No.2 in Mumbai”) which is also based on the IRS figures. According to the Mint, in Mumbai,

Hindustan Times has increased its readership to 5.92 lakh, making it the second largest broadsheet in Mumbai. 

The Mint, however, makes no mention of the number of DNA’s readers.

Both newspapers are claiming to use IRS data and yet present different figures to support their being No.2 in Mumbai.

Which set of figures are correct?

Who is telling the truth?

2 thoughts on “Who’s no. 2 ?

  1. This is so funny and this story repeats year after year. I quite like these contests and have been following the DNA and HT one for some years now.

    BTW, I like your blog.


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