Mumbai Lens: Tiger, tiger !

Last Sunday, I saw a tiger near Chembur station, glaring balefully at the passers-by. Don’t believe me? See for yourself !

The tiger was sitting on a bench outside a laundry shop, where it had come for a dry cleaning, and was probably waiting to be picked up by its owners. It’s once bright fur had faded, it looked a little tattered, had laundry tags hanging from its years, and yet it managed to look proud and dignified.

One doesn’t expect to see a life-sized and real-looking tiger outside a laundry store, and it was quite funny to see many passers-by reacting with fright and giving the tiger a wide berth. The children, of course, were  delighted to see it and there were many squeals of delight to be heard.

As for me, I never thought I would be this close to a tiger without fearing for my life. 😉

Mumbai Lens is a photographic series which, as the name suggests, is Mumbai-centric and is an attempt to capture the various moods of the city through my camera lens. You can read more posts from this series here.

4 thoughts on “Mumbai Lens: Tiger, tiger !

  1. Hey I have one like that! 😀 We haven’t had any scared visitors though for people know we aren’t eccentric enough to pet such big cats (we only have smaller ones). 😀
    That one must have been a delight for passers-by. Ha ha.


  2. This one was big, almost life-size and since one does’nt expect to come across big cats stuffed or otherwise suddenly it was a “delight” all right. 😉


  3. Haha… funny observation, Sudhagee. This tiger sure did burn bright 😉 It does look quite real! I wonder if we can read sub-texts into it, and infer something about the neighbourhood.


    1. I don’t know, Nishi. All I can infer is that this stuffed tiger was much loved by its owners and in pite of its frayed and faded fur, the owners still wanted to keep it. 🙂


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