My ‘now’ song: Jithe sagara

 Do you ever have a song, an idea, a storyline, or an image stuck in your head? And it just refuses to go away? For some time at least. I have this with music—it could be a song, an instrumental piece, a jingle, etc. This becomes my ‘now’ song, and the ‘nowness’   (pardon my English here) could be for any length of time.

My now song is “Jithe sagara”, a Marathi film song based on Raga Yaman.

I am in the mood for Raga Yaman—though not something from either Hindustani or Karnatic repertoire. I want it to be mellow and frothy and simple and nuanced at the same time. In other words, I want to listen to a film song.

My “now” song, which is a Marathi film song, illustrates this evergreen raga and my requirements beautifully. Jithe sagara dharani milte, which can be loosely translated as ‘the place where the sea and the earth meet’ or in other words the horizon, was composed by Vasant Prabhu and sung by Suman Kalyanpur.

In my opinion, this is one of the best examples of Yaman from Indian film music. Enjoy 🙂 

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