Travel Shot: Graduation day

I love seeing students in their graduation/convocation gowns, robes, cloaks, shawls, what-have-yous that makes me go all part-sentimental, part envious. That’s because I never got to attend either of my two post-graduate convocation ceremonies—the first because the University only invited the prize winners and I wasn’t one; and the second was a degree awarded by a London-based university, and I had already returned to India by then.

So it’s no wonder then, that 3 of my favourite photographs from my collection are around the theme of graduation day in Cambridge, when I visited this University town in April 2009. Cambridge was buzzing with excited and serious students, proud and happy parents, beaming teachers, and in the midst of all this bewildered tourists arriving by the busload every minute.

I was all set to hit the “sights” of Cambridge when I came across the graduates, dressed in their robes. And I slowed down immediately just to watch them. And yes, photograph them, too, from the ground and from the air. 😀

Graduating students in different coloured robes. Wonder what level of qualification each colour represents

Graduating sudents, family members, and university officials outside the building where the ceremony was held
An aerial view of the almost deserted grounds of the building where the convocation was held and after the ceremony

Tomorrow is Convocation  Day at the university I work in and about 500 odd students will be graduating with their Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. degrees, wearing different coloured shawls. And I am going to enjoy every minute of it. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Travel Shot: Graduation day

  1. Wow. The robes and the shawls..nostalgia calls..
    Thank you for taking me down memory lane again…
    Amazing treasure of photos you have with you, Sudha. Visual treat indeed…


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