The Tower Bridge of London: One bridge, many photos

I had just got my first digital camera when I arrived in London and the iconic Tower Bridge was the subject of my first few photographs. Quite pleased with the results, I never lost an opportunity to photograph this London icon. This meant that by the time I left London a year later, I had quite a few photographs of the Tower Bridge. Presenting a selection from that collection, beginning with that first photograph.

September 25, 2008: My first photograph of the Tower Bridge in London.

October 7, 2008: The Tower Bridge can be seen in the background, while the HMS Belfast is in the foreground
February 24, 2009: The Tower Bridge all lit up and shining like a jewel
May 24, 2009: The Tower Bridge as seen through water fountains
July 5, 2009: A little bit closer to the Tower Bridge
July 22, 2009: A glimpse of the Tower Bridge through the trees at the nearby Tower of London

The Tower Bridge in London is easily the most recognised icon of London, even by those who have not visited the city. In fact, it is so synonymous with London, that many people often think that this is “London Bridge”, which is actually the next bridge upstream. A bascule and suspension bridge, the Tower Bridge is one of the many bridges in London constructed over the River Thames. Construction of the bridge began in 1886 and took around 8 years to complete.

There is a popular urban legend concerning the Tower Bridge, which every guide in London, worth his or her badge, will narrate to the eager tourist. The story goes something like this: In 1968, the old London Bridge was sold to an American by the name of Robert McCulloch, who had the bridge parts shipped to Lake Havasu City in Arizona. Imagine his surprise when he saw the parts of the bridge he had purchased. McCulloch thought he was purchasing the Tower Bridge, which he thought was the London Bridge. Instead, he got the real London Bridge. Though this story was later denied by McCulloch himself, it has become quite a legend today. 🙂

So tell me, which photograph of the Tower Bridge did you like?

19 thoughts on “The Tower Bridge of London: One bridge, many photos

    1. Thanks, Deboshree. The Tower Bridge is really an icon and when one is walking along the ramparts of the Tower of London, it is quite something to play hide and seek with the Tower Bridge.


  1. We seemed to be in London around the same time 2008-2011! All these post make me so nostalgic. Also, the Wimbledon post, I have done the tours 2 times, but we were actually there in Wimbledon in 2009 during the tournament, and have posed on that 2009 written on the grass -> a photo which you have on your Wimbledon post 🙂 I think I love all your London post and cant seem to choose which is the better one!


    1. Woohoo ! Welcome here, fellow Londoner. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting and sharing your love for London. I had wanted to see a tennis match during Wimbledon Championships, but dropped the idea when I saw the ticket prices ! So visiting Wimbledon the way I did was the next best thing. 🙂


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