Mumbai Lens: Bats at my bus stop

If you happen to be at the Punjabwadi bus stop in Deonar (Mumbai), just outside Saras Baug society, do pause for a minute. Or two. Over and above the din of the traffic, you will hear another kind of noise—lots of screeching and screaming. No, no, don’t look around for the source of this noise, look up into the trees and this is what you’ll see:

You will see hundreds of bats in the trees, screeching and fighting and doing whatever else that bats do. The bats are present all through the year at this location, which is a busy highway. Though their numbers diminish during the monsoons, they are back in full strength once the rainy season is over.

I saw these bats for the first time about 4 years back. I was so surprised to see them that I ended up standing there, looking into the trees for quite some time. In the process, I also collected a sizeable crowd who started looking up into the trees with me 😀

Every morning, when I get off the bus that brings me to work at the Punjabwadi bus stop, I say a hello to the bats. I also say a silent prayer for their protection as one never knows when the trees are going to disappear. Apparently, they come in the way of a road widening project. 😦

Mumbai Lens is a photographic series which, as the name suggests, is Mumbai-centric and is an attempt to capture the various moods of the city through my camera lens. You can read more posts from this series here.

25 thoughts on “Mumbai Lens: Bats at my bus stop

  1. On one of Does trips I recollect seeing hundreds of bats on a tree.
    It was in a semi jungle park . The sighting was awesome.Good observation for a Mumbaikar to hear & see in this busy – noisy life.


  2. OMG Sudha… These bats look like fruits hanging from the tree! :O
    And its so unlike to see such amazing things in a mega-city! Lucky you! 🙂

    Indie 🙂


  3. nice pics! and those are not the only places u can find bats in chembur!.. we have lots in chedda nagar too.. and u can see many like this in the fine arts campus! last week, i saw a huge crowd gathered on the new skywalk at chembur station… and it turned out there was a bat hanging from a tree! half the crowd thought it was some unknown creature! and when someone announced that this was a bat, they were even more interested and the crowd just went on increasing! i was amazed to see the kind of enthu generated by a bat!


    1. Poor bat. I hope it was not too traumatised by the attention showered upon it.

      It’s nice to know that there are still places for these birds to live in a place like Mumbai.


  4. My experience with bats was in Daulatabad fort… inside the secret passage. hundreds of them hanging from the ceiling that was not very high. It was scary.


  5. I have seen this in Kathmandu – I remember in the Ministry of Social Justice, there used to be what I thought were a million bats screeching, hanging around blissfully.

    Lovely pictures 🙂


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