What do you want in 2012?

“What do you want in 2012?” is a question that I keep getting asked these days, reminding me that it is that time of the year.

It’s that time of the year to reflect on the year gone by, and the time to re-imagine the new year to come. It’s the time to look back in order to look ahead, the time of the year, when old gives way to new. It’s that time of the year for hope and good wishes. It’s that time of the year when some people make resolutions, and some people do not. Now I’m not a resolutions or reflections type of person. Sure, I’m the type who learns from mistakes and errors and positive stuff as well, but I’m also the type who takes life as it comes. So every New Year / birthday would see me just shake my head to such questions and not answer them.

But somehow this year I feel different. I feel like answering the question. Perhaps, because I am one year older, but more, perhaps, because this year has been like no other—a year of personal loss, self-discovery through my first solo travel experiences, expanding my world through blogging and meeting fellow bloggers face to face, winning the first prize in a blogging contest, and so much more.

It’s New Year’s day today, and yes that time of the year. A short while back, when a friend called to wish me, she also asked: “What do you want in 2012?”

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And I answered without hesitation. Considering that I have never thought about such things, I was surprised to find that it was not too difficult to think about what I want in 2012.

I want to resume a passion that has been in the back-burner for a long, long time. A quiet passion that has been neglected for too long — music. I want to go beyond just listening to music and sharing what I like on Facebook and Twitter. I don’t just want to talk or write about the music I like. I don’t just want to attend the occasional music concert or have impromptu baithaks. I want to do more. I want to resume learning music.

I want to adopt a healthier lifestyle by bringing in regular exercise, healthier food, and periodical health checkups into my routine. This will take care of the physical aspect of my health. As far the mental health aspect is concerned, keeping in regular touch with friends, family, and pursuing my interests will take care of it.

I want to travel, and travel differently. This year, I hope to travel to Ladakh with my niece, to Tranquebar with my friend Jayanti, to my ancestral village with my Amma, and to Rajasthan with a tour group. If I am really lucky and blessed, my plans to travel solo to Palestine will also materialise.

I want to consciously learn to rein in my temper and use it constructively instead. This is something that I have been consciously doing for some time now and hope to continue the good work this year too. 🙂

“You can’t be selfish and ask only for yourself,” my friend admonished, when I finished reciting what I wanted in 2012.

In that case, my wish list is never-ending. Let me try putting down some of it:

  • a world free of hate and filled only with love,
  • a world free of greed and filled only with altruism,
  • a world free of violence and filled with only compassion,
  • a world that respects elders and nurtures children,
  • a world filled with empathy and sensitivity,
  • a world that accommodates, and not discriminates against, the less-abled and the differently-abled,
  • a world that is safe for women,
  • a world that is free from plastic bags
  • a world where rights are respected and practiced,
  • a world where the word “development” means for all and not for a select few or at the expense of others …

“Stop, stop,” begged my friend. “You keep listing out you wish list. I have other calls to make. Happy New Year !” The phone disconnected.

Yes, I have a list of things that I want in 2012 for myself, things that are in my control as it is my decision entirely. The second list, alas, in not in my hands only, but is something that I will do my best to contribute to. 🙂

Happy New Year, dear reader. What do you want in 2012?

23 thoughts on “What do you want in 2012?

  1. That was as exhaustive a personal wish list and also a list for the larger good of humankind. Noble thoughts Sudha! May all or at least most of your wishes come true in this new year. Like you said, we can certainly control the ones that are in our hands, so let’s start right there 🙂

    Happy 2012!


    1. Happy 2012, Zephyr. I have started with my the things that I can control, i.e. my personal list and have identified a music teacher and am now working on the modalities of dates and timings and all that. As for the other list, I do my bit in the hope that it will add up to a bigger, positive result somewhere. 😀


  2. Hope your love for music increases manifold and that you can travel to all those lovely places.
    A thoughtful list for the world at last….we wud all like to see some of those come true.

    As for my personal wish list, the top most priority is well being of family and near and dear ones. Besides that i want to read as much as possible in 2012 .

    Wishing you a lovely 2012!


  3. I wish i could
    answer as easily
    as i would
    something more complex
    and which makes me reflect
    upon the ‘greater good’..
    But what suffices
    is that all our vices
    find a metaphorical whip
    upon their crafty devices..
    The question then lingers
    with icy fingers
    is the “how”, and the “why”
    of the days that seem to fly
    with the speed of sound
    and then the same queries hound
    us all over again..


    1. Yeah, I won that first prize thing for writing about a day trip that I made from Geneva to Milan. Thanks for stopping by and commenting and hope that you will keep visiting. Happy New Year !


  4. Hey Sudha,

    Happy New Year. I am invested in seeing you accomplish everything on your personal wish list. Selfishly, I might add, for they will provide me with hours of good reading material 😛

    You should definitely go back to resuming music lessons. Having gone back to it last year, I can tell you it’s the only time of the week when I completely relax. Great therapy.

    On reining the temper, if you come up with a magic pill, pliss to share. It’s been on my list forever and I haven’t had any success with it.

    Best wishes and happy writing


    1. Thank you so much, Meera. Will definitely be writing about the more interesting aspects of those on my persoanl wish list. As for the music lessons, teacher identified. now working on the nitty-gritties of day, time, place etc. of the classes. The year has begun well 🙂


  5. My hope for the new year was to continue to be inspired. You’ve helped enormously towards that – both in the two classes I’ve just had with you, and in some gems online 🙂

    Thank you!


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