Rights vs. Rights: My first guest post

Zephyr is one blogger that I admire tremendously, I have never come away from her blog without getting some insight into an issue, a topic and even myself. So when she asked me to write a guest post for her, I was flattered. So flattered that I said yes. And then when I realised what I had said yes to, I panicked. How could I write as well as her? What could I write? Then the nail chewing began. Then excuses about a heavy workload were conveyed. Then request for additional time to write the post was submitted. 

Now, Zephyr is not known as the Cybernag without reason. She has perfected the art of nagging and after a month or so of gentle nagging, I was finally able to say yes again and not panic. I worked on a draft of a topic that I thought would be suitable for Zephyr’s blog and sent it off to her yesterday with a request for her to proofread (I am a very bad proofreader of my work) the article and for feedback. 

The positive feedback was conveyed yesterday evening and I am very excited now. The post, titled “Whose Right is it anyway” was published a short while back and suddenly I am a guest author ! Click on the screenshot below to read the full post.


Thank you so much Zephyr for publishing my post and for your … er… nagging 😀

6 thoughts on “Rights vs. Rights: My first guest post

  1. Hey, nagging is in order when the fruits are worthwhile 😀 And look, what a great post I got from you for my ‘efforts’. Looking forward to read your replies to the comments now 🙂


    1. Dear, dear Zephyr, thank you so much for publishing my article as a guest post on your blog. As you can see the comments and my replies are quite exhaustive. I was up till nearly 1.00 replying to about 13 of them. 🙂


  2. This was when I was in Xth in KVSC – one afternoon upon returning from school decided here is where I draw the line and take revenge for all the years of humiliation India had suffered at the hands of Pakistan, England and Australia in cricket. This was enacted in the corridor of my house where I was hurtling a cork ball at 3 stumps leaning against a wall. One afternoon, after having endured 2-3 days of India’s redemption, our neighbour Mrs. Heera Krishnan walked up and requested me to stop as she could not sleep. Needless to say I stopped as I could not afford the “request” to reach my parents else all hell would have broken loose 🙂

    If I look back at when I was growing up in the various colonies in Roorkee, Allahabad or Pune – the “unwritten” rules for our play were very well defined – could not start to play before 4pm, had to stop after 7pm and during summer break the only leeway we got was that we could sit around after 7pm and talk till 8pm .. In my view this has nothing to do with “right” – it is a sad state of affairs about our Indian society where we don’t care a damn until we experience it ourselves. Whether it be someone’s life or someone’s comfort.


    1. Thanks Sachin for sharing your experiences. Like you, I also grew up in many places and the colonies that I lived in also had unwritten rules for play. It also helped that my mother was a strict enforcer of the rule.

      You’re right, its not about rights and never was. I have used it because that is the terminology that is used in my housing society, where they don’t realise that with rights come responsibilities and duties


  3. This reminds me of the time when we were growing up in Mumbai and would play all hours of the afternoon in the common play area shared by 3 wings of the building. We got yelled at, screamed at and our balls got taken away on occasion. But the same uncles and aunties would be the first ones to offer us pedhas during Ganpati and cakes during Christmas. We learned to coexist and our parents had a lot to do with it… It also helped that most of us would have grandparents visit during vacations and get first hand experience in how noisy and troublesome we were. Maybe, you should impassioned letters to elderly relatives of residents in your building and have them come stay with said neighbors. Will put things in perspective pretty quickly.


    1. Let me tell you a little secret. Two families have grandparents visiting pretty often. And when they are there, the children are out even earlier ! The reason ? The grandparents need to rest in the afternoons, you see !


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