Travel Shot: The white peacock

The Leeds Castle in the Kent county of England is a beautiful castle and located in very picturesque settings—the kind that’ll take your breath away. The extensive grounds offer opportunities for picnicking, playing golf, jousting tournaments, knight school, and so on.

The man at the ticket counter was very helpful in pointing out the various attractions at the Castle. So, when he told me not miss seeing the peacocks, I didn’t really believe him or pay much attention to this fact. Having seen many peacocks in India, they were not really on my priority list of things to “see” in the Castle.

But as it happened, I didn’t really have to go looking for the peacocks; they happened to be loitering near the path I was taking to the Castle. I actually heard the peacocks before I saw them, or rather I heard the “oohs” from the adoring tourists. It’s only when I saw the first one that, I couldn’t help “oohing” myself ! See for yourself:

The White Peacock at Leeds Castle

There was only one white peacock and the others were the regular blue peacocks. But the white peacock was the star. He jumped and danced and preened and furled and unfurled its feathers. In the words of a fellow tourist he put up a “jolly good show” !

This was the first time that I was seeing a white peacock, and never had I seen such a pure, pristine shade of white either. It was so white that ideally it should have hurt the eye, but somehow it didn’t. 🙂

48 thoughts on “Travel Shot: The white peacock

  1. I am pinned many hopes of wandering in the breathtaking British countryside to your blog. You unfold it right in front of my eyes. The white peacock was a bonus.


  2. Hi, Sudha – I’d never heard of a white peacock! Amazing creation, amazing photograph – just amazing! Best wishes, Rajshri.


    1. This is an albino peacock and hence this colour. Unlike in white lions and tigers, the colour of the white peacock is a pure white of a kind that has to be seen to be believed !


    1. Thank you, Abhinav, for stopping by and commenting here. Many people have never seen an white peacock, which is actually not so surprising considering that they are very rare.

      I hope that you will keep visiting !


  3. What perfect timing, just today I was telling DD that white peacocks are, in fact, real and not the result of someone’s fertile imagination. Now, I have proof. Thank you Sudha…


    1. The peacock is 100 % real even though it may look like it is spun out of lace and clouds and what not 🙂

      *Blush Blush* Thanks for your compliment :”>


  4. First time I saw a white peacock dancing was in Australia. I was so excited that I danced with him and so did my husband behind the camera. 🙂

    I have photos with that white fellow. Will have to search for it & will post on FB.
    Thanks. Single color on a peacock is so boring but they add a new charm to them. 🙂 Don’t they?


    1. I think the colours of regular peacock is stunning and nothing can beat that. But the white peacock took my breath away just for sheer novelty, and I guess the shade of white. 🙂

      Do post the pics on twitter, if you can, as I have deactivated my FB account,


    1. Welcome to my blog Subhadra and thank you for stopping by and commenting 🙂 Glad you liked the picture and I hope that you get to see a real live one, soon.


    1. Welcome here and thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. The photograph actually does not do justice to the ethereality of the white peaock. I do hope you get to see a real one yourself !


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