The Roman theatre in Verulamium: My second guest post

About a month back, I wrote a piece titled “Discovering Roman Britain“. It was meant to be a guest post for Shadows Galore. But…

I had a certain idea of what I wanted the post to turn out like, but like many of my posts, it had a mind of its own and turned into a rambling post rather than the focused one that I wanted it to be. So, I rewrote it and tweaked it and edited it. After all this effort, it did read better. A teeny-weeny bit better, but not enough to pass muster (in my eyes) for a guest post . So after much deliberation, I posted it on my own blog.

And immediately got down to working on another idea for the guest post. And that’s how I wrote about the ruins of The Roman Theatre in Verulamium. It is a post that thankfully did turn out almost the way I wanted it to be that is, more focussed and less rambling than the earlier one. And before I got into another cycle of editing and re-writing, I sent it off to Puru of Shadows Galore, who liked it enough (I guess 🙂 ) to publish it almost immediately.

Click on the screenshot below to read this post. You will let me know about what you think of this post won’t you?

Picture1Puru, thank you so much for hosting me on Shadows Galore. 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Roman theatre in Verulamium: My second guest post

  1. I read both the Discovering Roman Britain and the guest post and liked both. However I like the opening paragraph of the latter better. I wish you had continued further with that story. Can you make that material for a piece of fiction, maybe?


    1. Thanks, Meera.

      That story was born entirely from my imagination of what it must have been like 2000 years back. And the reason I stopped was because I didn’t know how to proceed further. And that should tell you why I don’t write fiction. And why I can’t write fiction either. 😦


  2. Beautiful post, Sudha!! you absolutely transported me to Roman Britain with your post!!! and I esp loved the idea of reading a script there… how wonderful that must have been for the kids. its a pity that schools here cant think up anything as interesting.. though we have so many possibilities!


    1. I too loved the setting for a play reading for the school childre. I actually spent some time there listening to the enactment and seeing the teacher explain the history of the place.

      I see missed possibilities around us each time I visit a place of interest or even a museum. I recently visited the Bhau Daji Lad Museum and there was a group of school children, who were in and out of the museum in the blink of an eye !


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