Travel Shot: The hat with legs !

There I was walking down one of the many streets in the historical centre of Bukhara, idly looking at stuff being sold at the many pavement stalls lining the street. As I passed the stalls, I made a mental note of the interesting stuff that I could come back and have a closer look at later and perhaps pick up something to take back home with me. There were carpets, paintings, booklets, terracotta figurines, ceramic tiles, silk scarves, embroidered material, ikat products, hats…

I suddenly stopped at a stall selling hats. There were many hats, but one of them had caught my attention. And I stopped and stared with disbelieving eyes. I actually rubbed my eyes and tentatively reached out to touch the hat with ‘legs’ dangling from it.

#MyDreamTripUzbekistan, Bukhara, Travel, Uzbekistan, Central Asia, Shopping, Souvenir, BizarreEvery place has its share of the funny, quirky and the bizarre and this hat with legs was definitely my pick for Bukhara and Uzbekistan. I saw similar ones in Samarkand too ! It was a real hat in the sense that the fur was real as were the legs and the feet and the nails… of what I think was once a fox. 

#MyDreamTripUzbekistan, Bukhara, Travel, Uzbekistan, Central Asia, Shopping, Souvenir, Bizarre

As I was looking at the hat in morbid fascination, a voice behind me asked if I would like to try on the hat. It was the stall owner.

I fled.

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17 thoughts on “Travel Shot: The hat with legs !

    1. Yes, I did. Came across one lady wearing something similar in Samarkand. She too was a seller of hats, and I think she was modelling the hat with legs ! It was creepy.


    1. I would never wear something like this, Anon. I’d rather freeze or develop frostbite or a sore throat than wear something like this ! But that sculpture of Herakles you shared is Wow !


    1. Welcome here Beautyglossips, and thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I can’t bear to wear fur or leather and cannot understand how people can wear it. I do believe in a policy of live and let live and wish I could say ‘each to his/her own’, but in this case it is difficult.


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