Colour therapy @ Tulsi Baug

A walk in the Tulsi Baug area was just what I needed to lift my spirits after the visit to Vishrambaug Wada. Of course, it helped that the Tulsi Baug area is just across the road from the Wada. 🙂

It is difficult to explain what exactly Tulsi Baug is. In spite of the name baug, which means garden, it is not one. Tulsi Baug has about two temples and shops selling brass and copper items, as well as puja items. The market surrounding Tulsi Baug is also known as Tulsi Baug, though I am sure it must have a name like Lakshmi Market!

I first discovered Tulsi Baug as a college student, when I had time to spare between my music classes and my college lectures. Each week, I would set off in a different direction and explore yet another lane or market. I still recall those days with a lot nostalgia.

Anyway, I spent a happy hour wandering around in the Tulsi Baug area and poking around in the shops, generally having a good time. It was colour and texture therapy all the way.

Enjoy the photographs. 🙂

The dilapidated, but beautiful Rameshwar Temple at Tulsi Baug. Some kind of repair work seemed to be in progress.

The taller temple spire in the background is that of the Rameshwar temple.
Shops selling brass and copper artefacts and puja items are arranged around the Rameshwar temple
Colourful plastic flowers and garlands and what not…
Necklaces made of colourful beads
Purses and wallets and handbags and clutch bags…
Salwar kameez and dupatta sets
Manjulaben and her wares
Iron tavas and kadhais

And finally a visit to Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale, where I bought some chaklis, shankarpali, besan laddoos, and satori. Mmm…

Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale

9 thoughts on “Colour therapy @ Tulsi Baug

  1. Tulsibaug is a basket of memories.Your vivid descriptions and bright photographs bring it back with a flourish. The parking and the crowds can be a horror though. These shops are precious and i hope they do not disappear to give way to malls someday. The iron tawas, the clothes-shops, all capture the flavor of the place.
    The temple spires look heavenly…
    You have gift. Keep sharing the pictures of your mind.


  2. Great job yaar. you do have an amazing talent of making everyone actually experience what you do. I must confess, Tulsi baug never looked better than it does, in these photos, all colourful and vibrant. But yeah, nothing can beat the shopping experience you get there, na ??? the hustle and bustle, aching legs, haggling over the prices and the cane juice wala at the end… simply wow!

    looking forward to more such stuff from you.


  3. Loved your nostalgic and picturesque post. Pune has changed but Tulsi Baug is still the same. Must visit soon.
    PS – The picture of Chitale Bandhu (at Shani Par and not in Tulsi Baug) clearly indicates you are a foodie and took away some delicious Amba Barfi and lip-smacking Bakar Wadi!
    Happy Eating!


    1. You studied in Pune? Cool. So did I (I’m from Fergusson). What about you? I had music classes in Appa Balwant chowk and always had about 2 hours before college lectures began. I used to spend the tim exploring Lakshmi Road, Mandai, and of course Tulsi Baug. 🙂


  4. Actually the temple complex has more that 5 temples and the place is called tulsibag because there is a myth that once the area was a garden of Basil. When the temple was built this area used to mark end of the city.


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